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I’m currently preparing to become “a lawful wedded husband”, which involves buying tons of stuff. I was comparing various offers and one pattern emerged: if a thing X is renamed to “Wedding X” it automatically becomes at least two times as expensive. See for yourself: wedding photography costs 295-1500 GBP while corporate event photography 75-180 […]

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Today I have encountered an issue while I was uploading new version of my extension to chrome webstore: “An error occurred: Cannot parse message.json file from uploaded package.” I wasn’t expecting that since the extension was working locally without a problem. Also the error message says about message.json which was not a part of my […]

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“Translate and Speak!”, my Chrome Extension, has been listed in “Top Rated” list in category fun on Chrome Webstore. That was so nice! Thank you! To see it action download TaS! from Extension Page on Webstore.

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Google is making constant changes to their APIs and they seem to roll the alpha/beta versions for us to test. Which should be fine unless you expect your webpage to be stable and working all the time. One of the issues in current version of Google APIs is problem of missing markers when you try […]

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Just couple of miles north of London you can find one of the most secret places in United Kingdom. Well… it was secret until the Cold War ended. Then it has been sold and it’s now available for tourists to enjoy. The tour in the bunker takes about 3 hours during which you visit all […]

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This is a first post in new “MG’s Great Places” section. I intend to list here the places I visited and I consider worth recommendation. Today we start with a city, which is quite unique. Welwyn Garden City is a small city 10 miles north from London. It’s absolutely fantastic to visit, but don’t expect […]

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My chrome extension just got two new features: Show in Wikipedia Show in Wiktionary They do basically that they say on a tin. The language of both wiki sites is determined by Google’s translate language detection function. It’s not always accurate, but it’s best I can get at the moment. I encourage you to install […]

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Yesterday new version of “Translate and Speak!” (previously TranslateMe) Chrome Extension has been released and it’s now ready to download on Chrome Webstore. New features in version 1.4 include: “Speak!” function, which uses amazing Google’s TTS to read text Translate (detect language) function, which tries to guess language of the phrase before translating it to […]

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Today British police made available their new service – a complete street level map of crimes in England and Wales. The webpage made to all possible headlines in daily papers, tv and radio. The effect is that the service is virtually down and won’t be usable until the novelty wears out. All web pages have […]

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 13:17 | 3 comments