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Have you ever wondered how to learn new language with the least possible effort? Now you can with Translate and Speak! chrome extension, which since today remembers all words you’ve translated using it and then reminds you about them in scheduled periods, so you will remember them forever!

Unlike any other language courses this one won’t waste your time teaching you the words you’ve already known, as the repetitions are based on the list of words you’ve translated using this extension. It’s fast and free, give it a chance!

By mgorecki



  1. Very interesting idea!

    Also can you add option (in plugin options) to restrict my languages set.
    e.g. I use only Russian, English and Germand: I don’t need and don’t like others languages in From/To combo boxes.
    It hurts to select my three favorite languages among many many needless.

  2. Thanks, this is a fantastic plugin.

    Are you still working on it?

    It has a lot of potential. I’m learning Chinese and Portuguese and really need something like this. But it needs one more function: add word/phrase to flashcards, or export the words/phrases to a flashcard app that works with iPhone/iPod apps. I use Quizlet and LingQ for my flashcards so I wonder if it’s possible to integrate.

    Your learning algorithm doesn’t seem to work well for me. It seems that I’m not learning all my items on the list and I have to wait until the next day if I want to continue learning. Also, if I’m using other programs I want to keep all my vocabulary in one database.

  3. Tom,

    The work on the app was slow, but I hope to update it very soon, I have some code waiting ready.

    Adding words to the app is possible from “Recent Searches” tab. To export the data you have to access plugin’s database – either by inspecting the background.html of the plugin or by accessing the db file in chrome’s directory (any tool that can read sqlite will open it). I will add the easy export option soon.

    The learning algorithm was left in quite early stage, but the behaviour you described is correct. The tool tries to minimize the number of repetitions, so it don’t ask about the words that are fresh or the ones you’ve marked as well memorized (it will ask you about them much, much later, to refresh them though).

    Thanks for the suggestions, you will be hearing from me soon!

  4. Hi Marcin,

    Looking forward to the export option.

    But I’ve been trying to use it and lately it isn’t working. I’m not getting any translations even for simple words from Portuguese or Chinese. Is the problem on my side?

    Also, I have a wordpress blog and would love something like this as a plugin for my blog with the flashcards appearing in the blog for the individual user. Any advice would be welcome.


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