Ultimate Scrambled Eggs for Geeks

I just invented An Ultimate Scrambled Eggs. Here comes the recipe: 1/2 red grilled pepper 1 slice of ham 100g of king prawns Green Jalapeño peppers 1/2 lrg red onion 1 lrg carrot 1 lrg tomato 2 eggs. Chop veggies and ham and fry with prawns and three drops of Tabasco until carrot is tender.… Continue reading Ultimate Scrambled Eggs for Geeks

Amazon and youtube?

Yesterday I spent a night listening to Avril Lavigne on youtube. How comes amazon.co.uk shows Avirl’s CD’s as “Customers with Similar Searches Purchased”? Is google selling my search history data??

3G is rubbish

Some time ago I’ve started dreaming about three year long travel around Europe. My current position let’s me work from home, Caravans are cheaper than houses, so I thought I could travel on weekends and work during weekneds from any place without even letting my customer know where I roamed. I imagined how great will… Continue reading 3G is rubbish